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Our products

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We aim to sell the very best quality meats, sourced locally where possible, at affordable prices.

Our Northumbrian Beef, Pork and Lamb we believe are premium products. We dry-age our premium cuts of beef on the bone, ensuring flavour and tenderness making a guarantee of perfection when it reaches the table.

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Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the best makers of sausage and burgers in the North of England. We have gained many awards for flavours such as Pork & Cracked Black Pepper, Pork with Honey & Mustard, Pork & Leek to name a few, and we are often to be found featured on the menus of many local pubs and restaurants. As usual, much of our success is down to ingredients. We use the best quality shoulder of pork and pork belly, the finest possible herbs and spices and deep fill natural casings using traditional skills.


Our home–cured bacon has also become a well-known product. This award-winning bacon is so popular because, being made traditionally with a sweet dry cure, there is far less weight loss and a more depth of flavour.

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Our impressive range of award-winning pies come in a variety of sizes and will provide a hearty meal for even the hungriest of families. Deep filled, using quality cuts, melt in the mouth puff pastry and the finest, most flavoursome sauces. Our pies are handmade from traditional recipes produced by our highly skilled team in the shop bakery.